Some recent Riso print art!


(more on Risograph:

Risograph printing is a blend of screen printing and photocopying, resulting in an image which is vibrant, textured and one of a kind. The Risograph process cannot be perfectly replicated from image to image so each print is slightly different and totally unique.

A Risograph machine is a stencil based digital duplicator, which is incredibly energy efficient because it does not use heat and very little electricity. Unlike laser or ink jet printers it prints one colour at a time by passing soy-based ink through a ‘master’ made of banana or hemp fiber, which is attached to an ink drum.

Figuring out the best way to deconstruct a finished multicolour illustration into separate stencil layers/colours in order to overlay them through a limited 3 or 4 colour Riso again (e.g. yellow and pink to create orange) all at differing opacities is a challenge in itself, add the way the different coloured inks overlay on different settings and in different orders and it takes some experimenting….lots of trial and error :))

Riso Inks are translucent and can be overlaid at different transparencies to achieve various colour combinations. Their range also contains fluorescent inks (my favourite) unlike laser or ink jet printers.)